Listen to the 99%

While researching online about the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the World situations, I read in a news article from the Associated Press, “They were out to change the world, overthrow the establishment and liberate the  poor. But first somebody would have to do something about those bongo drums.”

Whoever wrote that is overlooking the meaning in this movement. I want to point out that those bongo drums should be heard. Everyone should be heard. That’s what the 99% is about. It’s not about 10% being heard. It’s not about 80%. It’s about everyone’s opinion counting. And that’s why I dislike most leaders and representatives.

Neither role allows EVERYONE in the community’s voice to be accounted for. They are middlemen, or controllers of the people. Representatives ensure everyone’s voice will NOT be heard because even ideally speaking, a representative votes the way the majority of their constituents want them to. That means the minority is unheard. Direct democracy is the way to have everyone’s voices heard. With leaders, the danger and the likelihood is that they will dominate and control the people and be corrupt. That’s why I find these roles intolerable, especially in terms of this movement which focuses on the 99% being HEARD. I am glad the Occupy movements have not strayed into leaders and dogma and policies and all that other crap that holds us back from being an equal and fair and accurate society. I hope this movement will lead to change for the better on this issue and many more in our global community.

So please let whoever wants to play bongo drums continue, and listen to every last person. A single voice discounted makes this an unfair community. We need change, and for it to be satisfactory it’ll have to satisfy everyone.

P.S. The only leader I can think of offhand that I did like is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His civil rights movement seems similar to me and he did not hinder it, rather he strongly encouraged it.

Please share your thoughts if you’d like, I’m interested in what anyone has to say…


One response to “Listen to the 99%

  1. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post. I had stopped voting for many years thinking the representation of citizen’s views never made it into the policies and laws. Now, maybe things will change. Everyone raising their voice can be heard, censorship and misrepresentation might crumble away. One can hope.

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