Put an end to violence

How can we stop violence?

It’s appalling that it’s going on so much everywhere! When I was younger I would hear scary stories on the news and my mother would comfort me and tell me not to watch the news because it disturbed me, and I tried not to. I thought the news was a bad thing. And I comforted myself by thinking that it wouldn’t happen to me, bad things didn’t happen in my part of the world.

Girls are mutilated in Africa, women are kidnapped and turned to slaves in Europe, women in Asia are sold into slavery by their family, insane people stalk random innocents and carry out grisly murders, people take out frustration on innocent peaceful animals and we hack away at the earth, destroying our home.

But it was too much for me as a child, I was scared, I crawled into the comfort of my bed and my novels, my warm home with my strong mother and sister, in our fortress of life, preserving our interests and safety.

Recently I realized that it REALLY does happen in my part of the world. A young boy was kidnapped and murdered in Brooklyn a week ago. The same week, my former high school teacher committed suicide. Neighbors call out to me whenever I don’t wear a sweater, or the sun has gone down.

Why aren’t we safe? Why isn’t this a priority? Why in the hell is it so important to the government that they change the rules so that they can keep using money that they don’t have instead of owning up to the financial situation this country is actually in. I don’t think money should be spent on war! Or on half of the things it’s spent on! The way I see it, the government is here because we want it to be and it is meant to enforce a set of rules we agree on. One of the most important being: no violence. I CAN’T STAND IT that three times in the past few weeks when walking in different stores I’ve heard adults yell at their children that they were going to “get hit” or “beat” for their behavior. This shouldn’t be permissable. They should be damn scared to mutter something like that in public. And we should find a way to prevent violence inside homes as well.

Just because you are in “your house” doesn’t mean there are different rules for society or behavior or basic human rights in that particular location. It’s still wrong and illegal and it needs to be prevented. Of all the things that need to be fixed, we need to stop hurting each other in order to talk about any other problems. Violence among people, or of people on creatures and the environment, must be put a stop to. Isn’t it the most important thing to be eliminated first in order to have any kind of a functioning society? SAFETY. If anyone has any thoughts, advice, or ideas or opportunities that they can share on this issue, please do.


6 responses to “Put an end to violence

  1. I often muse upon this too and I think one of the things it boils down to is a lack of respect for the beauty of humanity. People too often get wrapped up and lost in the politics of class, race, sexual orientation, nationality, anything that can be used to divide them from their fellow human beings and give them a false sense of superiority. We’re in the process of destroying ourselves every day. Every day people become more and more concerned with their personal well being, without realizing that it’s something so simple as the consideration of others that might just help us lift ourselves out of these ugly states of mind and work toward a more just and considerate global community.

    • I agree, very well put! There is a gross lack of respect among people these days. Lack of respect for each other, for other creatures, and for the environment! We are more closely related than we may think; putting up mental barriers one by one between us and others is only using our mind overactively to sabotage our own selves. Together, and with positivity, we can be wonderful 🙂

  2. I believe the work to be done is within. It is a simple work and everyone avoids that which is simple and ready at hand. But until one simple thing is done, nothing else will ever get done. The simple thing that must be done is to go within where all violence erupts, and do many replacement parts – for each part rotted through with rust and moist and dank there must be a new replacement part which is bright, and shiny and dazzling. This is not PollyAnna – It is simplicity – and why is it not getting done? It’s a huge undertaking, this simple thing. It requires a commitment for life. It requires resolve such as we may never have known before. It requires a relentless push forward into the light. It requires a refusal to despair. It requires all of this and more…and it requires an assiduous practice of avoicdances, of much that we had hitherto hugged to ourselves and found dear.

    • That’s a very good point! Day to day I often find myself avoiding simple things that would be productive and beneficial. But I strive to remedy that and do the things which are good for me and others. Every big project has to start somewhere with something small, and change begins within. Starting with oneself, and working outward in growing rings of positive influence. 🙂

  3. I love what the previous poster said- that we don’t appreciate the beauty of humanity. I’m glad to read your post ticklemetoo because I’ve been noticing several mothers who are slapping their children very hard on the subway and in stores for seemingly small offenses. It always disturbs me, because I wonder, if they’re doing that in public what are they doing in the home? How will this kid grow up and assert themselves, when they’ve been repeatedly slapped around? The horrible crime of that little boys murder also disturbs me. I feel differently when I see little children now, I fear for them.

    I guess we are really just in control of our actions- to make ourselves strong and assertive. Like screaming in a loud voice when someone tries to take your bag, not being afraid to take up your own space, and knowing the difference between perverts and freaks. Who’s just talking, who do you need to be ready with pepper spray for … you know?

    • I whole-heartedly agree! It is VERY important to be wary and alert and cautious and prepared. I have been working on my assertiveness positively. I think not being afraid to take up one’s own space may seem elementary to some, but to me it is a feat and a goal and a challenge. There is a spectrum from being rude to being yourself to being trampled over and it is often difficult for me to discern. But yes, we must work on ourselves. I also think it may help to try to influence others and policy carefully to try to keep this terrible behavior from being accepted/ignored in our society. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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