Put an end to violence

How can we stop violence?

It’s appalling that it’s going on so much everywhere! When I was younger I would hear scary stories on the news and my mother would comfort me and tell me not to watch the news because it disturbed me, and I tried not to. I thought the news was a bad thing. And I comforted myself by thinking that it wouldn’t happen to me, bad things didn’t happen in my part of the world.

Girls are mutilated in Africa, women are kidnapped and turned to slaves in Europe, women in Asia are sold into slavery by their family, insane people stalk random innocents and carry out grisly murders, people take out frustration on innocent peaceful animals and we hack away at the earth, destroying our home.

But it was too much for me as a child, I was scared, I crawled into the comfort of my bed and my novels, my warm home with my strong mother and sister, in our fortress of life, preserving our interests and safety.

Recently I realized that it REALLY does happen in my part of the world. A young boy was kidnapped and murdered in Brooklyn a week ago. The same week, my former high school teacher committed suicide. Neighbors call out to me whenever I don’t wear a sweater, or the sun has gone down.

Why aren’t we safe? Why isn’t this a priority? Why in the hell is it so important to the government that they change the rules so that they can keep using money that they don’t have instead of owning up to the financial situation this country is actually in. I don’t think money should be spent on war! Or on half of the things it’s spent on! The way I see it, the government is here because we want it to be and it is meant to enforce a set of rules we agree on. One of the most important being: no violence. I CAN’T STAND IT that three times in the past few weeks when walking in different stores I’ve heard adults yell at their children that they were going to “get hit” or “beat” for their behavior. This shouldn’t be permissable. They should be damn scared to mutter something like that in public. And we should find a way to prevent violence inside homes as well.

Just because you are in “your house” doesn’t mean there are different rules for society or behavior or basic human rights in that particular location. It’s still wrong and illegal and it needs to be prevented. Of all the things that need to be fixed, we need to stop hurting each other in order to talk about any other problems. Violence among people, or of people on creatures and the environment, must be put a stop to. Isn’t it the most important thing to be eliminated first in order to have any kind of a functioning society? SAFETY. If anyone has any thoughts, advice, or ideas or opportunities that they can share on this issue, please do.


The Golden Rule

It has often been said, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. (And not only by religious people!) This is a sound piece of advice, because it encourages forethought in our actions that will most likely prevent negativity when well done.

Now I guess it would be silly to assume, but I did think, well, then I’ll be treated nicely in return! However, like most assumptions that is a silly ideal way of thinking. Nonetheless, I just realized this morning that it is not to be expected. (Expectations are often the opposite of useful).

But once you take away that reward and nicety at the end of the exercise, what are you left with. A half-second later I realized, you do it anyway. You treat people how you would like to be treated regardless of how they treat you.

Because that is what keeps you positive. Following one’s own moral code/conscience is extremely important and very rewarding in itself! It is different from the pleasant feelings that arise from feeling well-treated and appreciated. But even more important! It makes your self-esteem. In addition, I’ve noticed NOT having self-esteem decreases what you can take away from being treated positively-and many others have believed so as well, psychologists, etc.! Also, feeling purposeful and confident generates from following one’s own conscience. So, I will work on doing so. On treating people the way I believe that I and all people ought to be treated ideally. Perhaps karma will pay off in some abstract way-but I won’t expect it. And more likely, I will feel good about myself and feel that I am doing the right thing-very important!

A lot of my experiences agree with these observations. For some reason, post-high school a few things changed about me. Firstly, I increasingly was more vocal, assertive and firm about my opinions. Not in the arguing way, in the I-stand-my-ground-am-not-just-part-of-a-flock way. There is a sort of crowd mentality that can easily develop and take away from a person’s individuality and I think it affected me a lot while in my big high school! Secondly, I increasingly spent time with the people I really enjoyed being with and felt positive around-and decreasingly spent time with the people I often felt negative around! These things helped me be more myself and more happy and they are inextricably linked! So I’m sure that continuing to be true to myself by trying to treat everyone ideally will further increase positivity in my life-and probably others’ lives as well!

Happy holidays! And if this isn’t one of your holidays, well, have a great day! 🙂 Any thoughts?